For the brain, for the liver, for the nervous system. The basic component of all programs of nutritionists and nutritionists.

Lecithin belongs to a group of organic substances that are very important for the human body.
Does not contain GMOs, yeast, dyes, flavors, gluten, sugar.

Lecithin Sunflower
This is a set of phospholipids of plant origin. Lecithin is actively involved in metabolic processes and is responsible for the energy balance in the body.
  • Contains vegetable fats, not less than 97,1
  • Calories per 100 grams: 915 kcal.
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Useful properties of sunflower lecithin

Lecithin for the liver

Phosphatidylcholine makes up approximately 60% of the lipid layer of the membranes of liver cells - hepatocytes. Lecithin protects liver membranes from destruction, enhances regeneration, restores damaged liver cells. Normalizes fat metabolism in the liver, increases antioxidant properties and enhances its detoxification function. Lecithin increases the lithogenic index of bile and stimulates bile secretion, preventing the formation of stones in the gallbladder and hepatic ducts.

Lecithin for vessels

Our blood vessels are also made up of cells whose membranes are rich in phospholipids. Taking lecithin increases endurance, normalizes blood pressure and reduces the cardiovascular index - an indicator of reducing stiffness and increasing elasticity of the walls of arterial vessels.

Lecithin for blood

Phospholipids contained in the membranes of erythrocytes are responsible for the plasticity of erythrocytes. Being directly in the blood serum, phospholipids keep cholesterol in a dissolved state. Violation of the ratio of cholesterol to phospholipids is one of the reasons for the deposition of cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels.

Lecithin for the brain

The white matter of the brain is composed of myelin sheathed nerve fibers. The content of lipids in the membranes of myelin sheaths reaches 80%. The myelin sheath is similar to electrical tape that insulates the fiber and allows for high-speed nerve impulse transmission. As a result of damage to the myelin sheaths of the brain and spinal cord, diseases such as multiple sclerosis, age-related dementia, Alzheimer's disease, memory loss, etc. can occur.


LLC NPP BIOLER embodies the union of science and business. We have 35 years of experience in the development and implementation of innovative technologies for the isolation of sunflower phospholipids. Technologies and methods of using the obtained products are protected by 18 patents of Ukraine. The company was registered in 2013. The plant began shipping products in June 2015.

The main consumer is the EU countries, the USA, Israel, South Korea.

The plant has ISO22000 food safety certification.

Quality certificate for each batch produced.

Constantly updated certificate Kosher.

Certificate Halal.

Tests of sunflower fat-free lecithin, dry phosphatidylcholine and its solutions, carried out in Germany, France, South Korea, Israel, Spain and the USA, showed that our products correspond to the best world analogues.

The production was built with the receipt of all regulatory and technical permits provided for by the legislation of Ukraine.

The production line is general. Ukrainian, European and other markets receive completely identical product.